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 Lucid Eye Studio was created by Jud Hayden.  

    Jud Hayden is an upcoming artist who lives and works in Ohio, USA. His main skills include graphic design, digital artistry, and clothing design. Jud graduated from Columbus State with a degree in Digital Design and Graphics. His main hobbies include exploring nature, working out, and natural healing through homemade supplements and cosmetics. Jud is constantly striving to learn more about everything that interests him.

     Jud's work is influenced by his past experiences alongside visions he sees. He incorporates wildlife and scenery into almost all of his pieces because the raw nature of these elements inspire him. Jud uses many styles in his art because he enjoys the freedom of creating pieces that are completely different.

     Jud's art can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. He uses different styles and themes so his art has a wide audience. His main goal in his work is to create a 3D-like effect as if the art is in it's own world and coming to life.