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Khaki Sun and Rain Adventure Hat

Khaki Sun and Rain Adventure Hat

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Suit up with the Mountain Sun Hat before you go outside. We want to inspire a sense of adventure within you; if you feel protected from the elements, you’ll be more willing to spend that extra time enjoying nature and seeing its gifts. Hike new trails, see new sights, reconnect with your environment and bring out the explorer spirit within you.

The Mountain Sun Hat can be adjusted to your head perfectly. It fits men's and women's head circumferences of 22-24 inches. There’s two ways to adjust the size (1) the rear elastic drawstring can be used to tighten the hat around your head and (2) the adjustable chin strap cord can be tightened to hold the hat in place in case of heavy wind.

To protect your face, neck, and eyes from the sun, the Mountain Sun Hat has a wide brim of 3.5 inches around the entire hat to provide shade for your skin. The nylon fabric we’ve made the hat from is water resistant and can prevent light to moderate rainfall from seeping into your hat and getting you wet.

There are 2 vents at the top of each side of the hat to allow moisture and heat to easily escape. This will help keep you cool while you're outside in hot and/or humid areas. On days with extreme heat, there’s a built-in sweatband to prevent sweat from falling down into your eyes.

The Mountain Sun Hat can be folded in half or quarters and can easily be carried inside your backpacks, pool bags or packed away in a suitcase for vacation. The hats are sturdy and wrinkle-resistant, so they will quickly reform their shape after being compressed. The Mountain Sun Hat is a great choice for regular daily use and all outdoor activities. No matter where you take your hat, we know that it’ll provide you extra comfort while in nature and hopefully give you that extra security to stay a little longer.

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